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Work and mental health related tips and resources

Thank you to all Camosun employees for your extraordinary efforts and support as we work together to continue to deliver education and services to our students in these unprecedented times.

We have created this webpage to provide you with a quick guide to work and mental health related tips and resources.  If you have information you’d like to see added, please email:  communications@camosun.ca

Lansdowne spring campus

Campus Return Stories

As the college transitions back to a full and safe return to campus in September 2021, here are some stories of colleagues who have already returned. 

Supporting Working Remotely:

Employees requested to submit office equipment forms

To support the physical distancing recommendations put forward by the Provincial Health Officer and the federal and provincial governments during the COVID-19 outbreak, Camosun implemented a temporary plan that enables employees to work remotely where possible.

Working remotely has its advantages, but it is a situation that many are not prepared for or accustomed to. A big part of working remotely is the creation of a safe, efficient and effective workspace to create an environment that promotes wellness and success.

Together, ITS and Facilities Services have created four online forms intended to assist with this.

We are asking each faculty and staff member to please submit the forms that are relevant to you.

View the forms.

CamHelps - Tips & resources to support your mental-health and wellbeing

In an effort to support the mental well-being of employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, Camosun’s Human Resources department, through the Healthy Together! Program, has created the CamHelps Newsletter.

The weekly newsletter provides suggested actions and resources to support you and your family as we experience this unprecedented event together.

Find a collection of all the resources mentioned in each CamHelps article is also available to help you quickly find information, resources, supports, and suggestions to care for your mental well-being.

For info about the CamHelps initiative, or other mental well-being resources, please contact healthytogether@camosun.bc.ca.

C3: Camosun Community Connects

One of Camosun College’s strengths as an organization is the strong sense of community amongst employees.

C3: Camosun Community Connects is a collaborative initiative that invites the college community to create online events and experiences to keep our connections and community strong in our new working environment.

This cross-college initiative is co-led by Strategic Initiatives, Learning Services and Human Resources and will draw on the expertise and contributions of many different people and departments throughout the college.

Learn more.

Homewood Health: Managing the personal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Homewood Health, Camosun College’s Employee and Family Assistance Provider, is available 24/7 to help faculty and staff with telephone-based counselling through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact Homewood Health 24/7  - all calls are confidential:

  • Toll free: 1-800-663-1142
  • TTY: 1-888-384-1152

Get support and valuable workplace-focused information about COVID-19:

Log into Homewood Health to access their article library, e-learning courses and i-Volve, an online self-paced program to identify and overcome anxiety and mild depression. Note: if you have not logged into HomeWeb before you will need to create an account. Instructions

Life Smart Services
Catalogue of Health Smart and Career Smart Coaching Services

Additional COVID-19 Mental Well-being Resources

To help you navigate through the abundance of COVID-19-related resources, here are a few key sources to help you through this journey:

Remote Work Support

On March 19, to further enhance social distancing among employees and on campus, the college is implementing a plan for employees who can work remotely.

Departmental leaders and teams have been asked to use their professional judgement to introduce remote work capabilities where possible.

Remote working is a temporary measure and is in place until further notice.

For instructors: we're working closely with the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to support guidance around remote instruction.

For employees: we'll continue to work with the college community on how we can support possible remote work as a response to COVID-19.

Ergonomic Resources

Healthy Together! is partnering with Occupational Health & Safety to bring you some valuable information, tools, and resources about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace and how you can make your workstation work for you.

As the pandemic continues to unfold, many of us are finding ourselves working in new environments from what our bodies are used to.  You may be performing different tasks or using different equipment and may experience some discomfort if you’re not practicing proper ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the practice of designing someone’s workstation to fit their individual needs.  As standard office equipment varies to reflect multiple uses, it is beneficial to make individualized adjustments to fit every person’s body shape and job demands.

Finding the right customization though doesn’t need to be difficult.  Our Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator has many resources available to help ensure your workstation fits you and the job you are doing.

Tools & Resources

Take equipment home

If you are working remotely, having an ergonomically set-up workstation at home is just as important as having one on campus.

Remember that you can request to take certain pieces of equipment home with you, including keyboards, mice, computer monitors, and chairs.

Complete an ergonomic self-assessment

A self-assessment tool has been created to help you learn how to position your body in an ergonomically correct manner.

Set-up your workstation using Camosun’s Occupational Health & Safety and WorkSafeBC’s Guidance

The College and WorkSafeBC both have resources that provide you with guidance and strategies for setting up your workstation:

Keep moving

Ergonomics isn’t just about the equipment you use, it’s also about your movement throughout the day.  People were made to move.  Taking regularly scheduled stretch breaks helps your body.  Our CamHelps Article “Keep Moving” gives helpful hints and tips about exercising and stretching.

Schedule a virtual ergonomic assessment for remote workstations

If you’re still experiencing discomfort with your virtual workstation setup after using these tools, or require additional help, consider scheduling a virtual ergonomic assessment with our Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator who can virtually assess your current workstation setup and make recommendations and adjustments based on your individual needs.

To request a virtual ergonomic assessment ask your workplace leader or administrative coordinator or assistant to the director to submit a facilities work order for a virtual ergonomic assessment.

Schedule an in-person ergonomic assessment for on-campus workstations

If you’re still experiencing discomfort with your on-campus workstation setup after using these tools, or require additional help, consider scheduling an in-person ergonomic assessment with our Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator who can assess your current workstation setup in person and make recommendations and adjustments based on your individual needs.

To request an in-person ergonomic assessment ask your workplace leader or administrative coordinator or assistant to the director to submit a facilities work order for an in-person ergonomic assessment.

For further questions and supports on ergonomics, please contact OHS@camosun.bc.ca.

Note: The resources listed in the article are focused on ergonomic needs.  Employees may find that due to a pre-existing medical condition, they require further supports beyond standard ergonomic equipment, including the medical need for a height adjustable workstation.  In these cases, employees are encouraged to contact their Employee Health Advisor for further information about the medical accommodation process.